10 Things That Changed In My 30's


  1. It is the first time I actually feel like I became an adult.  Eighteen, legal “adult" age, did not do it.  Twenty-one, the drinking age, definitely did not do it.  Thirty.  I guess because it is a number that no longer has youth associated with it. 
  2. I am leaving my zipper down more after using public restrooms.  Or, the percentage is the same it just feels like more because I can’t hold my liquids as long as I used to.  My mom used to call me a camel.   
  3. Saying I have four kids in my thirties has less of an impact in conversations.  
  4. I cry more.  It is uncontrollable.  I remember watching one of the Captain America movies in the theater with Gina, and at a non-emotional scene (the writers were definitely not trying for a tear jerker moment) something was said that struck right at the heart and I nearly started weeping.  I’m not ashamed just confounded by the emotional evolution.  Also, some mornings at 5am while stocking milk I start tearing up while listening to podcasts.  
  5. I am embarrassed less and offended less.    
  6. I am humbled more.  
  7. I got a PCP.  
  8. I drip food on my shirt more when eating… thinking about using a bib.  My grandmother, the “Misses”, used a bib.  Her pulling out the bib was always the highlight of the meal.   
  9. I have become an adult/parent that comment at teenagers driving foolishly to my kids and other passengers in the car.  
  10. I am worrying less about the future, less depressed about the past, and trying to live more in the present moment - “Now is the moment that last forever” - Deepak Chopra.